Believer Magazine

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Believer Magazine is an award winning literary magazine, celebrating over ten years of publishing. Their exceptional content, celebrated writers and evocative illustrations have made it one of the most well known publications in the literary community. Before engaging with CMYK their online platform was a static HTML website where all content was hard coded. We built them a custom online editorial platform for them to showcase their entire archive of content to a much wider audience. In order to achieve this we built a custom import structure that crawled through over 5,000 pieces of HTML content in order to migrate it into the new CMS. The streamlined and automated process was able to standardize the article structure, without the heavy lifting of editing each piece of content individually. Additionally, we build a robust custom content library to allow the editorial team to create dynamic and visually compelling content. The challenge was to create a design that embraced the physical form of the print magazine. We took a lot of design cues from the magazine’s layout to create a reading experience that felt special. We also gave the team the ability to change the entire color scheme of the website with the release of each new issue. By doing this, the site always matches the newest publications cover art and changes the overall aesthetic with the click of a button.

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