Minimalist Web Design is Hot in 2019. Here’s How to Master It

minimalist web design 2019

Did you know that mobile traffic was responsible for over 50% of all internet traffic in 2018?

Because of this, web developers are now thinking with a more mobile-first approach when creating websites.

That’s where minimalist web design comes into play. Not only are minimalist websites nice to look at, but they also load fast, which is key to a website’s success as we move toward a more mobile world.

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can master this trend and create a website that looks great and functions well.

Now then, let’s get started!

Less is More

Keeping up with the latest website design trends can be difficult, but that’s what makes minimalist sites so easy. The idea of “less is more” isn’t complicated and reduces the amount of time you have to spend trying to figure out what new gadgets your site needs to stay relevant.

It’s unnecessary to have a bunch of widgets or other elements on your site in 2019, especially if you’re going for a more minimalist approach.

Keep one or two that are important to you and your site’s overall identity and remove the rest. You’ll clean up your site’s design instantly and increase your page speed at the same time, which is a nice bonus.

It may be difficult to get rid of that Facebook or Twitter widget at first, but remember, you’re going for simple and sleek, not loud and crowded.

Colors Are Key

First, be sure to use a white background. Why? Because it’s clean and shifts the user’s focus to more important things like the actual content on your site.

That being said, you can still have fun with the other colors you choose to use. If you want to go with an all-neon color palette, that’s completely okay, just don’t use more than three colors.

Use Fonts Properly

Because there’s less for users to look at, fonts are more critical than ever before. Understanding how to use fonts properly will make-or-break your site’s minimalist design.

Use bigger, more-bolder fonts to break up your content, much like the headers used in this article. Also, don’t be afraid to pick fun fonts if it fits your blog niche, as long as they’re easily┬áreadable.

Create Great Content

Content is important on every website, regardless of design. But because minimalist sites are simple, content is going to be what users focus on the most.

Be sure to create fun, engaging content that people are going to want to read (and share). That’s obviously easier said than done. But it’s extremely important that you grab your user’s attention and keep it with your words because you don’t have other elements on your site to do so for you.

Minimalist Web Design: Now What?

Now that you know these few simple tips and tricks on how to successfully implement minimalist web design on your website, you’re all set!

Be sure to check out our blog, where you’ll find more tips and tricks on how you can make your dream website a reality.

Now then, go make that awesome minimalist website!

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